What You Need To Know About The New PRINCE2® Certification

What You Need To Know About The New PRINCE2® Certification

In 2017 AXELOS revised the PRINCE2 guidance and certification scheme. This article provides details of the certification for the revised 2017 version.

From 1 January 2018, all English versions of the Foundation and Practitioner exams are based on the 2017 edition. It will still be possible to take the 2009 version of the exams in langages other than English until AXELOS states otherwise.

The PRINCE2 2017 certification scheme has two main levels, Foundation and Practitioner. At Practitioner level, there is PRINCE2 Practitioner and PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certifications. You must pass the Foundation examination before taking any Practitioner examination. If you have previously passed the Foundation examination or one of the certifications approved as prior learning, you qualify to take the Practitioner examinations without needing to re-sit the Foundation.


What You Need To Know About The New PRINCE2® Certification

PRINCE2 Membership included with all PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner Exams

Anyone taking a PRINCE2 2017 exam is eligible to claim one year’s PRINCE2 Membership. Membership is one way in which candidates can maintain their PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner certification. By including membership with the exam AXELOS is making it easier for candidates to remain current.

Maintaining your PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification

Your PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate is valid for three years, at the end of which you will need to either re-sit the Practitioner exam or you can maintain your certificate through membership. To remain current through membership you must meet the following criteria within the three-year period:

  • Join membership within three months of passing your exam and remain in membership for the three-year period by renewing the subscription each year.
  • Maintain the PRINCE2 digital badge awarded as part of membership for the three year period. Candidates will need to record 20 CPD points each year, in the prescribed categories, for the badge to be extended on renewal.

By satisfying the above criteria you will be issued a new certificate that is valid for a further three years.

How to activate your PRINCE2 Membership

Once you pass your exam, your Examination Institute (EI), will transfer your details to appear on AXELOS’ Successful Candidate Register. You will need to opt-in to appear on this register and you can do this through your EI. AXELOS will email you directly with an invitation to activate your membership and instructions to claim your digital badge. If you have sat a PRINCE2 Practitioner 2017 exam and have not received your invitation to join please email Membership@AXELOS.com.

Why should you choose PRINCE2 Membership?

Membership provides you with a flexible way to keep your certification up-to-date, giving you support throughout your career beyond simply taking an exam. There are also lots of additional benefits to joining PRINCE2 Membership, these include:

  • Access to the latest best practices across our PPM portfolio
  • Content to help you progress into programme management through our MSP certification
  • PRINCE2 templates and toolkits to help you apply best practices in the workplace
  • Project management software to help you manage your projects
  • Exclusive access to practical guidance, white papers and discussion papers.
  • At the end of year one your membership fee will be £50 plus VAT per annum.

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