How To Get The Next Promotion

How To Plan Your Career in 2020

At different points in time, we look back to see how well you have progressed in achieving your set goals. Sometimes, we get to ask; how do we get the desired promotion to the next level.

Today I’m not focusing on the challenges you may have faced so far but will share 2 tips on how to position yourself for a promotion in your organization.

If you are like a great number of employees, you may have asked this question at some point: Why do some staff get promoted more often than others, and what are they doing to earn those coveted title changes faster than you?
First, understand that you can’t get promoted just because you’ve been in an organization for a while. You must be seen as someone adding value to the organization.

So here are 2 important keys:

Align with strategic Goals

Organizations have goals and they will take sides with those that align and work towards the realization of those goals.
If you want to get promoted, have a good discussion with your manager about the things and areas that matter most  to them/the organization then develop a plan in addressing those pain points and realizing the goals or at least making significant contribution towards it.

Announce Yourself

Several times we do amazing things within the company and just believe they will be noticed by the right people. This seldom happens by chance. Take conscious efforts to showcase your accomplishments and important work to your managers and key decision makers periodically. This step might look like putting yourself too much out there but consider that your boss might not otherwise know that you’re moving the company forward.


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