How To End The Year Well

How To End The Year Well

If you are like several other millions of people, you have experienced a time of demotivation from unrealized goals. Let me share some tips on how to end your year well.

When starting the year, we have a lot of steam and are ready to take the world by storm. Towards the last lap of that race, we feel like we lost track and want to give up already. Sometimes, life just happened to us and at other times, our plans were simply not realistic or achievable.

Here are simple truths to enable you bounce back and end your year on a good note.

Remember Your Why!

There was a reason you set out to achieve the goal in the first instance. That is your why. For some people, achieving the goal would have moved them to a new level of experience. To regain your energy and passion, you need to bring your ‘why’ back to focus.

Why did I want this? What benefits will it bring to me? Why did I start out in the first place…..

When you have a strong why in view, your passion will be reactivated, and your drive will be back.


Reconsider your environment

We can have the best of intentions and filled with great possibilities which is all good. However, intentions are like seeds, they have the ability to produce results but when planted in the wrong environment, all that potential dies without expression.

Your goals may have been loaded with possibilities but your environment limited your expression. Take a few moments to check your surroundings. Is it conducive to achieving your goals? Are you around the people and things that can help you be successful?



You may have the right goal, know your ‘why’ and be in the right environment but success still elude you because of an inappropriate strategy.  A strategy is an intentional plan of action designed to achieve a goal.  Here are few steps to help you develop an action plan for your goal.

  1. Identify your current location: know where you are right now regarding this goal.
  2. Define where you want to be or the goal you wish to achieve. Make your goal SMART
  3. List the tasks to be performed to get you from where you are to where you desire to be
  4. Divide the big tasks into smaller, more manageable activities.
  5. Create a record and track your progress

With these steps, you can realign your goals and get back on track.


“A dream is not meant to be dreamed forever; instead, it’s meant for you to work hard and smart enough until success wakes you up from it.”

― Edmond Mbiaka,

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