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Maintenance and Reliability (CMRP) Training

Maintenance & Reliability Review – The SMRP Body of Knowledge

If you’re a professional working in the field of plant and equipment maintenance and reliability, you need this course. The society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) has formalized and standardized the “Body of Knowledge” – or “BOK” – that you need to know to function effectively as a maintenance & reliability professional.

Modern equipment is now so complex and the consequences of failure are so serious that it is no longer possible to develop viable physical asset management strategies using traditional approaches. An array of proven analytic techniques and management processes are now available to deal systematically with the most pressing issues confronting the managers of physical assets. Many of these techniques overlap and therefore need to be applied in a coherent and efficient manner.

Companies today are facing competition and decreasing margins. If you really want to compete you must understand how to make your work and operating process more efficient and effective. Your equipment must be reliable and safe to operate. It must be ready to operate at peak capacity at short notice and production output must be of high quality.


This course will teach the basics of what it takes to be a world class organization. Mr Harris has worked for Fortune 500 worldwide companies and he understands how to do the right things to move your company to higher levels of reliability. This course will show you how to reduce equipment failures by 50% and increase the life of existing equipment components by 3-8 times.

This course is aimed to create leaders in Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Management sectors who are recognized all over the world.


Maintenance & Reliability (CMRP)

Duration – 3 Days

Exam Fee: $300

Member Registration: $170


Training in Lagos and PortHarcourt