Acquire the best knowledge and skills necessary to work as a Safety Professional by enrolling in our Health Safety and Environment (HSE) training in Lagos and Port Harcourt today with quality mentorship by World Safety Organization (WSO) certified professionals.  The success of a comprehensive health and safety program depends heavily on each worker having all the knowledge and skills necessary to do his/her job safely.

At Dexnova Consulting, we offer the best environmental health and safety certification training course to improve your safety performance in your field of work irrespective of your sector. On completion of HSE officer course, participants will be offered certificate of competence by World Safety Organization as safety officers.

Purpose of Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Certification Training

The goal of the general HSE training standard is to ensure that all workers requiring health and safety awareness and training in order to complete their duties safely are provided with knowledge of HSE best practices. The success of a comprehensive health and safety program depends heavily on each worker having all the knowledge and skills necessary to do his/her job safely.

In addition, there are certain legal requirements imposed on individuals, supervisors and the company by the Occupational health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Regulations. Each worker’s training and development program should be based on an education and training needs assessment.


Dexnova Consulting as one of the best HSE Training Institute in Nigeria with proven records. We provide HSE training in a conducive environment and our courses are delivered by World Safety Organisation HSE certified facilitators. Our facilities are fully equipped with industry standard instruction materials and participants are given training materials to improve their learning in the best possible way.

HSE Level 1 (Award in Health and Safety at work) - Introductory Course

HSE Level 1 (Award in Health and Safety at work) – Introductory Course

This qualification is designed to provide candidates with understanding the skills, principles and practices of workplace safety. This level provides a starting point from which more detailed training in level 2 can follow. This level is suitable for beginners and anyone in the workplace environment.

Course Outline

Introduction to HSE with JSI and HEMP

  • Occupational Health
  • Unsafe Acts Auditing and Accident Investigation
  • Security Awareness

Course Fee: N25,000

HSE level 2 (Risk Assessment Practical Application) - Specialist Course

HSE level 2 (Risk Assessment Practical Application) – Specialist Course

This qualification is designed to help improve the workplace culture by enabling learners to understand the basic principles of risk assessment. Course is suitable for anyone in a work environment as it raises learner’s awareness of the concept of risk assessment.

Course Oultine

  • Environment and Waste Management
  • Fire Fighting and Prevention Safety
  • First Aid Course
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Course (Infant, Child and Adult CPR)

Course Fee: N25,000

HSE level 3 (Award in Environment Awareness) - Supervisory Course

HSE level 3 (Award in Environment Awareness) – Supervisory Course

This qualification is created to provide an awareness of key environment management system. Course is suitable to everyone whose activities could have significant impact on the environment, or those introduced to environmental issues for the first time.

Course Outline

  • Contractor Employee HSE and Basic Offshore Safety
  • Journey Management and Defensive Drivin
  • Advanced First Aid
  • HSE Calculation
  • HSE Advanced
  • 2. Quality/Safety Risk Assessment and Management
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response (ER)

Course Fee: N35,000

Training Deliverable

  • Live online class with a Certified Professional 
  • Interactive Learning platform with personalized engagement 
  • Access to online resources for deeper study 
  • Join our Virtual Alumni Hub for continuous Support 
  • Case Studies with Practical Applications 




      JULY 10, 11, 12 Online Live 3 Days


    Who is qualified to run this course?

    Everyone is eligible to take this course. This program will also interest individuals who are already working in safety-related positions who require broader legal and technical knowledge to function effectively in their occupation, or who would like to enhance their career in safety, or those planning to move into safety-related career and position.

    After training, is there an examination to write?

    On completion of the training the candidates will be required to seat for an international exam. The papers to write are HSE level 1 (contains 100 compulsory multiple choice questions for 1 hour); and HSE level 3 (contains 10 compulsory practical based questions for 1 hour).

    While HSE 2 requires you to complete a risk assessment and HSE report. Candidates who pass this exam will be issued results in 14days (2 weeks) after exam, and certificates will be sent from World Safety Organization World Management Center, Warrensburg, USA (Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council). WSO a Safety Body and has been in existence since 1975 which is IACSEET AND ICAC accredited. The exams are held in our training centers and coordinated by the Head of Operations Lagos State for World Safety Organization Nigeria Chapter.

    How is the examination marked?

    After the exams, all scripts are returned to the WSO-NG Chapter National Office. To pass each level, you need to score at least 50% in each of the levels. Each level passed entitles you to a certificate for that level. However, candidates who fail to meet any of the required marks will not receive the certificates for that unit, but will receive certificates for the units passed and will be asked to rewrite the exam again.

    Training Duration (4 Days)

    Week days are scheduled for every last week of the month from Monday to Thursday, 9am – 4pm.


    Weekends are scheduled for every 3rd and 4th weekends of the month for two Saturdays and two Sundays, 9am – 4pm.