Corporate Training and Soft-Skill Classes

corporate training and soft skill courses


For any Organization to deliver on its strategic and operational goals, it will need to have a workforce with relevant on demand technical and soft skills. Therefore, it is imperative for the organization to develop a scalable, company-wide learning culture that keeps employees on the cutting edge.

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Budget and Financial Reports

Money matters can be intimidating for even the smartest people. However, having a solid understanding of basic financial terms and methods is crucial to your career. The Budgets And Financial Reports workshop will give you a solid foundation in finance. We’ll cover topics like commonly used terms, financial statements, budgets, forecasting, purchasing decisions, and financial legislation.

Duration: 2 Days


Identify financial terminology

Understand financial statements

Identify how to analyze financial statements

Understand budgets

How to make budgeting easy

Understand advanced forecasting techniques

Understand how to manage the budget

Identify How to make smart purchasing decisions

Identify the legal aspects of finances

Date: July 2-3 (2 Days)

Location: Lagos


Enterprise Risk Management

Through our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) course your participants will be aware of Enterprise risks they didn’t realize were around their workplace and Business. Identifying Risk, analyzing the risks and mastering how to structure and develop a sound Enterprise Risk Management Framework will provide your participants the ability to prevent negative impacts of the risks before it occurs.

Duration: 2 Days


Develop risk response plans and control measures

Identify and Analyze Risks

Establish an ERM framework for Enterprise-Level Risk Management

Learn the key skill sets needed for an effective ERM function

Grasp the fundamentals of Enterprise Risk tracking and reports.

Master how to structure and develop a sound Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

Identify risk management techniques

Outline a disaster recovery plan.

Communicate to the organization.


Date: July 2-3 (2 Days)

Location: Lagos


Effective Supervision Skills

The Supervising Others workshop will help supervisors become more efficient and proficient, with information on delegating, managing time, setting goals and expectations (for themselves and others), providing feedback, resolving conflict, and administering discipline.

Duration: 2 Days


Define requirements for particular tasks

Set expectations for your staff

Set SMART goals for yourself

Help your staff set SMART goals

Assign work and delegate appropriately

Provide effective, appropriate feedback to your staff

Manage your time more efficiently

Help your team resolve conflicts

Understand how to manage effectively in particular situations

Understand what a new supervisor needs to do to get started on the right path

Date: June 27-28 (2 Days)

Location: Lagos


Effective Talent Management

With Talent Management you are developing a more skilled workforce and attracting a higher caliber of new employee. We all know that training and retraining costs money and Talent Management can reduce these costs. Recruiting the correct people, and keeping a talented workforce is a priority in today’s business environment. Having a talented group of employees has always been a key to success; it will translate into cost savings and higher productivity. Talent Management is the investment that will pay dividends over the course of its use.

Duration: 2 Days


Define talent and talent management.

Understand the benefits of talent management.

Recognize performance management and ways to review talent.

Identify employee engagement.

Create assessments and training programs.

Learn how to improve employee retention.

Date: July 9-10 (2 Days)

Location: Lagos


Building High Performance Teams

Team building is an important part of the work experience. With our Team Building workshop, your participants will learn how important team building is and how beneficial it can be. Through this workshop, your participants will gain a new perspective on teamwork, and become a valuable member to any team they are placed in. Follow the information in this workshop and create a positive atmosphere within your company with the use of teams.

Duration: 2 Days


Discuss the benefits of teamwork

Understand the importance of intentionally fostering teamwork

Determine strategies your organization can take to build teams

Understand the benefits of games and social activities in building a team

Apply the principles of team building to your own organization

Date: June 25-26 (2 Days)

Location: Lagos


Effective Hiring Strategies

Hiring the right person is more about skills and abilities; it is about finding the right combination of skills, attitude, and fit for your organization’s culture.
Hiring Strategies will save your company time and money as you will be recruiting and hiring the right candidates. Your hiring department will benefit from this workshop as it prepares them to seek out that great candidate and make sure they are a fit for your company. Your participants will obtain the necessary tools required in finding that diamond in the rough.

Duration: 2 Days


Know how to present the current open position

Develop a workable hiring strategy

Know how to determine which candidates to interview

Steps and techniques to use in an interview

Welcome newly hired employees

Find potential candidates for the position

Date: July 16-17 (2 Days)

Location: Lagos


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

With Supply Chain Management your company and employees will be on target to lower costs, improving efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. This course will provide your employees with the understanding of how Supply Chain Management can improve and help almost any type of business. Supply Chain Management improves the coordination and relationship between Suppliers, Producers, and Customers.

Duration: 3 Days


Take a look at inventory management

Study supply chain groups

Examine supply chain event management

Comprehend the flows of supply chain management and data warehouses

Understand the levels of supply chain management and their effects

Identify how supply chain management relates to: Customer satisfaction, improving performance, Lowering costs, and Product development

Date: July 23-25 (3 Days)

Location: Lagos


Cobit 5

The COBIT 5 training provides a comprehensive understanding of the product architecture, five key principles and knowledge needed to pass the Foundation exam. The COBIT certification course provides a complete framework for the business governance and enterprise IT management. The candidates will be introduced to five basic principles to guide them through the process of implementing IT governance in an organization. COBIT 5, goes further on COBIT 4.1, and integrates other frameworks, resources and standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Duration: 3 Days


Key features of COBIT 5

Structure of the COBIT 5 framework

Business needs and benefits provided by COBIT 5

Analyzing the 5 principle

Meeting stakeholder needs

Covering the enterprise end-to-end

Applying a single integrated framework

Investigating the 7 enablers

Principles, policies and frameworks etc.

Date: June 24-26 (3 Days)

Location: Lagos


Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Mining

This course introduces participants to the field of Business Intelligence (BI), with emphasis on descriptive analytics. Key areas of BI and data analytics covered include; data collection, data pre-processing, data storage, data queries, basic data mining, descriptive data analytics, data visualization, and results presentation. In this Program participants will also receive training in the use of products such as Excel, SQL, RapidMiner, and Tableau to collect, extract, mine, analyse, visualize and present business data.

Duration: 4 Days


Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of BI, potential applications of BI and its role in the field of data analytics

Practice data collection, data mining and data loading by using applicable advanced features of Excel

Apply the basics of SQL, its applicable data commands, basics of database queries, data aggregation, sorting, grouping, and summarization

Define data relevancy, pattern recognition, trend analysis and relationships among data elements and clusters

Apply learning to real-world business projects

Create targeted PowerPoint presentations

Employ data analytics to gain insight about business operations, solve problems and create solutions for corporate and organizational issues

Produce evidence-based, tactical and strategic decisions toward organizational viability and competitiveness

Date: May 28-31 (4 Days)

Location: Lagos