Construction Project Management

Construction projects are time bound and employ huge resources of men, materials and machines. They involve heavy investments, require a high level of technology and need an effective management of resources.


These capital intensive projects occur most times within complex project environments. The project objectives can best be achieved by a competent project manager who thoroughly understands the project management methodology. Construction experts have learned that using project management lowers risk, brings profit, increases return on investment and improves quality. In recent studies among private sector enterprises not utilizing project management, only 29 percent of projects were completed on time and 50 percent saw significant challenges to schedule or budget. Companies who are less mature in project management miss budget targets by 20 percent and miss schedule targets 40 percent more often than companies who have experience in project management.

At DexNova Consulting we are committed to delivering the best value for your project. Our project management maturity level has resulted in more than 90% of our commissioned projects in the last 3 years being delivered below budget and ahead of schedule.

Our integrated approach to project planning ensures that the Scope, Strategic direction, Risks, Resource requirements, Constraints & Assumptions are resolved early at the project conceptualization and planning stage. This provides the framework for pro-active response to restore the objectives, when deviations occur during the monitoring/controlling processes.

What we provide is project management culture engineering.  DexNova in conjunction with PMI has been focused on these specific project solutions for 39 years and is the recognized industry leader. We have partnered with virtually thousands of major companies globally, resulting in delighted customers.

Our consultant project managers are experienced industry veterans with over 30 years of experience in managing projects in construction industries. Each brings a solid background of technical knowledge and experience to every project, earning DexNova Consulting an outstanding reputation in a very competitive industry.  DexNova Consultants are qualified Project Management Professionals (PMP®), Registered Engineers (COREN); Registered Builders (CORBON); Risk Management Professionals (PMI®-RMP); Registered Architects (ARCON); Certified HSE (NEBOSH & OSHA).

DexNova Consulting delivers practical, cost-effective and viable solutions to our clients' needs. Our technical credentials are born of long-standing practice in the construction, facility operations and oil & gas industry. Our hands-on experience encompasses the entire realm of project development and delivery: planning, design, management, commissioning and operation.

In our consulting services we will work with your project team to carry out the following activities at various stages of your project as highlighted below
Phase 1: Pre-Construction Services

Development of Project Team

  1. Working collectively with your contractors, to identify appropriate, town and state personnel responsible for specific aspects of the project as well as become members of the partnership of an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method. (a) Identify stakeholder (b) Set up change control board/ project steering committee

  2. Develop Stakeholder register containing the list of all stakeholder, their roles, responsibility, requirement, and contact information.

  3. Develop Risk Register and conduct high level risk identification, analysis, and response/mitigation plan.

  4. Prepare and distribute Requests for Proposals for Architects, Contractors etc

  5. Dexnova will assist you in developing a Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for execution by all parties contacted as part of your project.

  6. Collectively meet with your representatives to develop the “Short List” of potential partners.

  7. Coordinate, plan, and execute interviews leading to the selection process for IPD partners

  8. Facilitate contracts between your company and all selected partners and consultants.

  9. Identify, qualify and recommend additional team members including the architect, engineer, general contractor, and security consultants, as specified in the Bidding Procedures section.

Phase 2: IPD Preconstruction Services
A. Coordinate Architect’s Efforts in the generation of an accepted Space Program

B. Establish Preliminary Budget Parameters

C. Scheduling and Reporting

D. Design and Engineering Coordination

Phase 3: Construction Detailed project planning, monitoring & controlling, performance reporting and facilitating project status meeting, management of client’s acceptance of project deliverable.
Phase 4: Project Close out

A. Confirm work is done to requirements

B. Complete procurement closure and settle all claims

C. Facilitate final acceptance of the product by the client

D. Complete financial closure

E. Hand off completed product

F. Complete final performance reporting

G. Index records and handover to your company for archiving

H. Document lesson learned for historical information

I. Perform team members’ assessments and release project resources

Is it about time we help you deliver your construction project objectives on budget, schedule and at agreed scope? Then request for our proposal by E-mail: constructionpm@dexnovaconsulting.com