Certified Cost Professional (CCP)

Certified Cost Professional (CCP)

Course Description 

Research has shown that only approximately 30% of projects achieve their time, cost and specification and strategic goals. This statistic demonstrates an obvious need for various professionals to supplement their traditional technical skills with high-value business and project delivery skills.

Cost engineering is a mix of several disciplines. A good cost engineer is a technician at heart, but one who can dissect a project into stages. The art of cost engineering is assigning value to that which has been or will be engineered. This course will teach you the techniques of estimating, planning and cost control for the various stages of a project. Having this knowledge will kick-start your career in the industry.  

Key subjects include estimating and prediction throughout the project lifecycle; time value of money, NPV, principles and applications of cost planning, control and design economics. Construction cost data sources and applications, standard forms of cost analysis, estimating and engineering economy.

Programme Objective 

Cost engineering is an international field.  This course follows the international standards set by the international organization of cost engineers, the AACEI and it allows you to take the necessary steps towards becoming a Certified Cost Technician (CCT) or Certified Cost Professional (CCP).   

Moreover, by providing the complete scope of estimating, planning and cost control, this course also gives you a great opportunity towards becoming a successful project manager. 

Training Duration: 6 Days

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